From ages 7 to 9, the Optimist-at-Sea is an excellent way to get familiar with sailing!

The instructor will teach you how to gear up, prepare your boat on the shore, change directions… and even some of the vocabulary used in sailing.

The Optimist is an important step in the learning process, but our team is also here to make you have a good time with games and entertainments in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere.

In the beginner’s course, the young ones are two in a boat.

When they become more experienced, each child will take the helm of his/her own boat in the improvement training course.

The main goal of this course is to discover sailing in all confidence and in a fun way.

Please note that it is recommended for the youngest ones to take a course at the Optimist’s Lake.

Happy sailing!


The Fusion is a dinghy known for its ease of use in the learning process and its performance.

Its size and features make it more comfortable and faster than the Optimist, therefore very appreciated by the kids ages 9 to 12.

The instructors teach the appropriate sailing techniques, with two people in each boat in the beginner’s course, then individually in the improvement training course.

So if you took the Optimist course or if you just feel ready for this little sailing boat, get on board!

Happy sailing!


The Laser Vago is a double-handed sailing dinghy, with a crew of two.

It offers a different way to sail than the catamaran, for beginners as well as more experienced sailors.It stimulates balance and encourages teamwork, especially with the spinnaker.

As you can imagine, the Laser Vago is not very steady and capsizing is to be expected! On the other hand, it is a very well thought of boat and it gives the unique feelings of a sailing dinghy while offering a good learning process.

Training courses are open for children over 12 and also for adults.

Happy sailing!

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